Copywriting – Marketing & Advertising

It is the sound that makes the music.

Sound marketing communications highlight the professionalism of a company. Each slogan, each headline, each brochure is tailored to a specific target group. Adapting a company’s materials requires much more than a literal translation of words. No design, no layout, no “cool” presentation can save you if your texts are not convincing. To convey the message behind your marketing and other business documents, the translator has to convincingly adapt the texts to the target group’s linguistic and cultural expectations. Important is the impact the translation has on the practice of reading the text. Without creativity and emotive force of expression, there will be no impact on the reader. Words or messages that make the source reader laughing does not necessarily make the target reader laughing. Moreover, the translator has to know the target-specific stimulus words or word emotional connotations that encourage sales. We have the linguistic finesse to create target language texts that work like the original text. We ensure that your original marketing or other business message is maintained.

Our service:

quick translation tailors your marketing and other business documents to German linguistic and cultural expectations to optimise the communication with your customer. We adapt for you a wide variety of marketing and advertising material:

  • Press releases and company reports
  • Advertisements and marketing material
  • Brochures and product information
  • Presentations
  • Market research reports

We can do even more for you

No one in Germany knows who you are? Well, you can easily change that by advertising. Here is what we will do to make your ad in Germany a success:

We will identify the German media most suitable for carrying your message. We will check target audiences, print runs and prices, negotiate terms, and submit a strategic proposal to you for approval. We can even create an ad in German for you. When your ad is approved by you, we will place it in the media selected. We will supervise its timely appearance, see to it that you receive sample copies, and help resolve any issues with the publishers should any come up.