Software localisation

Win international customers

More and more software vendors are looking to gain a foothold in foreign markets. The success of these efforts hinges on a company’s ability to tailor products to the needs and desires of individual customers and geographic areas. Software producers and vendors that localise their software products gain an enormous advantage in today’s competitive marketplace, as potential customers and users can interact with the software in their own language. To ensure that the target user is able to efficiently use the software product, software localisation is more than straightforward translation, it is a true and comprehensive adaptation to the standards, culture, habits and requirements in the country in which the application is to be used.

Our service:

quick translation localises your software products (applications and system software, reference books, learning software, entertainment software etc.), including all their components, on the Windows operating system (3.1, 95, 98, 2000 and NT). We provide fully localised and tested versions of your product, documentation ready for press, fully functioning help systems and additional material completely adapted to the target reader’s needs – get everything that is included in your software package adapted for your German target market, and have it delivered, ready to be distributed.

Our localisation service comprises of four steps:

  • Localisation of the software interface
  • Localisation of help systems/computer-based tutorials
  • Localisatin of product documentation
  • Localisation of promotional material