Easier said than done

Translation means to transfer a written source text in written form into a target language. However, this is easier said than done. Texts cannot be translated 1-to-1 as language reflects and expresses social and cultural realities that differ from country to country. The translator has to ensure that the target reader feels confortable with a text that does not originate from his own culture. This implies profound knowledge and understanding of the target reader’s world.

Good translations have the following characteristics:

  • They have the same impact on the target reader as the original text on the source reader.
  • They convey the messages behind the sentences, and not only the content.
  • They are idiomatically correct and accommodate cultural subtleties.
  • They preserve the style of the original text.

quick translation provides translations that satisfy these high requirements in all respect.

Cross-cultural adaption is especially important in software localisation, web localisation and in translating marketing and advertising material.