Text review

Love to detail

Any texts you publish are advertisements for your company. They are a sign of competence and professionalism. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and a “chaotic” layout are thorns in the reader’s eye, and often leave a negative impression albeit sub-consciously. It’s advisable to be on the safe side and have your publications proofread professionally. We will put the finishing touches to your documents, so that they really contribute to the success of your company.

Our service

quick translation proofreads and corrects your German documents considering the following criteria:

  • Orthography
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Typing errors

Moreover, we can improve the quality of your documents through more or less substantive edits. With careful attention to detail, we check them for the following criteria to ensure that your message hits the spot:

  • Terminological consistency and accuracy
  • Target-specific adaptation in terms of cultural, marketing, and user appeal aspects
  • Logical, clear and easy to follow structure of the document
  • Consistent and appropriate tone
  • Correct cross-referencing and mention of facts and other verifiable details
  • Consistent layout